Flash of the Pentagram from the upcoming album Welcome to the Graveyard; coming July 15, 2016 via Ván Records worldwide.

Deadhand Hexagram
(2015)                               Blacklands - Castle
Under Siege (2014)        Blacklands - Castle
Second Coming (2014)  Blacklands - Castle
Blacklands (2012)          Blacklands - Castle
In Witch Order (2011)   In Witch Order - Castle

Direct from Castle


North America/World



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5/19/2016     Sacramento, CA - Starlite Lounge
5/20/2016     Bend, OR - Central Oregon Metalfest @ 3rd St. Pub
5/21/2016     Mt. Shasta, CA - Vets Club
5/22/2016     Grants Pass, OR - G Street
5/28/2016     Anaheim, CA - Heavy-est Fest @ Doll Hut

6/15/2016     Phoenix, AZ - Yucca Tap
6/16/2016     El Paso, TX - The Sandbox
6/17/2016     San Antonio, TX - Paper Tiger
6/18/2016     Houston, TX - Rudyards
6/19/2016     New Orleans, LA - Siberia
6/20/2016     Tampa, FL - New Word Brewery
6/21/2016     Jacksonville, FL - Burro Bar
6/22/2016     Savannah, GA - The Jinx
6/23/2016     Wilmington, NC - Reggies
6/24/2016     Frederick, MD - The Maryland Doom Fest 2
6/25/2016     Columbus, OH - Ace of Cups
6/26/2016     Indianaplois, IN - 5th Quarter
6/27/2016     Ft. Wayne, IN - Skeletunes
6/28/2016     Des Moines, IA - Vaudeville Mews
6/29/2016     Omaha, NE - O'Leavers
6/30/2016     Colorado Springs, CO - Flux Capacitor
7/1/2016     Salt Lake City, UT - Metro Bar
7/2/2016     Las Vegas, NV - Castle of Doom

7/17/2016     Fullerton, CA - Slidebar
7/19/2016     Riverside, CA - Mission Tobacco
7/20/2016     San Francisco, CA - The Elbo Room
7/21/2016     Portland, OR - High Water Mark
7/22/2016     Seattle, WA - Funhouse
7/23/2016     Missoula, MT - The Palace Lounge
7/24/2016     Billings, MT - Railyard
7/26/2016     Chicago, IL - Reggies
7/27/2016     Madison, WI - High Noon Saloon
7/28/2016     Milwaukee, WI - Franks Power Plant
7/29/2016     Kalamazoo, MI - Shakespeare Pub
7/30/2016     Detroit, MI - The Corktown
7/31/2016     Pittsburgh, PA - Howlers
8/1/2016     Cleveland, OH - The Maple Tavern
8/2/2016     Buffalo, NY - Rockin Buffalo Saloon
8/3/2016     Portland, ME - Geno's
8/4/2016     Worcester, MA - Ralph's
8/5/2016     Brooklyn, NY - Acheron
8/6/2016     Philadelphia, PA - The Fire
8/7/2016     Washington, DC - tba
8/8/2016     Chesapeake, VA - Riffhouse
8/9/2016     Knoxville, TN - Pilot Light
8/10/2016     Nashville, TN - The End
8/11/2016     Little Rock, AR - Vino's
8/12/2016     Ft. Worth, TX - The Grotto
8/13/2016     Austin, TX - The Lost Well
8/14/2016     Wichita, KS - Elbow Room
8/16/2016     Santa Fe, NM - The Underground
8/17/2016     Albuquerque, NM - Launchpad
8/18/2016     Tucson, AZ - Flycatcher
8/19/2016     San Diego, CA - The Merrow
8/20/2016     Los Angeles, CA - The Complex

8/27/2016     Toronto, ON - Doom Over TO Fest

10/7/2016     Bucharest, RO - Old Grave Fest V
10/16/2016     Antwerp, BE - Desertfest Belgium


We're extremely proud to announce our third album "Under Siege" will be released worldwide via Ván Records and Prosthetic Records on May 20th. We'd like to thank - Al McCartney, Billy "Engine-Ear" Anderson, Adam Myatt, Sharkbite Studios, Everything Hz, Denis Forkas Kostromitin , Eric Haines, and the newest member of the Blacklands crew Justin Weis at Trakworx Studio for helping get this record done. Heavyweights.... We're also very much looking forward to unveiling the incredible cover art and track listing for you guys n a couple weeks time. Until then here are some details of the record courtesy of PureGrainAudio.com \m/

    • 01/07/14
      Pre-production complete on the upcoming record. We'll be entering Sharkbite Studios on Jan 27th to record with an early May release date.

    • 05/06/13
      Since our last update a lot has happened here at Castle HQ. A North American tour with Witch Mountain last fall, a headlining US tour in January (!) and a US west coast tour in March. Most recently we just returned from Europe where we played 20 dates in 11 countries. A big thanks to Intronaut for having us on their Euro tour, Tomas,  Walter and everybody at Roadburn, the guys and gals of Desertfest, Tero in Helsinki, Year of the Goat - our good buddies from Sweden for playing with us and all the promoters, friends and fans we played for.  Last but definitely not least thanks to Sven and everybody at Van Records and Aachen home base for the support once again!.

    • 08/01/12
      Castle is extremely pround to announce it's partnership with Prosthetic Records in North America! "Blacklands" will finally be available domestically on September 11th.

    • 06/20/12
      New video for "Corpse Candles" online now. Check it out below or here. Massive thanks to Dave Hall and Handshake Inc.

    • 06/20/12
      Metal Horizons interview online now!

    • 05/24/12
      Many thanks to everyone who made Europe 2012 such an amazing trip... particularly Sven Dinninghoff and family, Karo Kaos, Jens Tuch, all the bands we played with: Verdunkeln, Year Of The Goat, Deep Black, Freitod, Attic, Faal, Abysmal Darkening, Monads, Thrasher Death, and of course everyone who came out to support CASTLE!!! See you next time!

    • 04/04/12
      New video for "Blacklands", the title track from the new album available April 28th on Ván Records, online now. Check it out here or in the Video section below. Thanks once again to Jaan Silmberg (pistoltrixx.com) and Tim Lalonde (riothillstudios.com).

    • 03/16/12
      Check out the title track from the new record "Blacklands" in the Audio section below.

    • 03/08/12
      Promotional teaser video featuring studio footage and 4 songs from the new record "Blacklands" on YouTube now. Produced by Billy Anderson, "Blacklands" is out next month on Ván Records!!!!

    • 02/17/12
      New promo video for "Descent Of Man" online now. See below or here. Many thanks to Jaan Silmberg (pistoltrixx.com), Emily Bos (emilybosmakeup.com), and Stacey Case (trashpalace.ca).

    • 02/13/12
      Live clip of new track "Blacklands" from Bottom Of The Hill, SF (02/10/12) here.

    • 12/22/11
      "In Witch Order" lands on Metal Hammer Norway Best of 2011! 

    • 12/20/11
      Castle makes Roadburn year end list - Newcomer of the Year!

    • 12/7/11
      "Spellbinder" clip from our September show at Bender's here.

    • 08/24/11
      Sprechen sie Deutsch? Then track down the August issue of Germany'sRock Hard magazine for a full page Castle feature.

    • 08/23/11
      Clips from the recent Smiling Buddha and Bovine Sex Club shows onYouTube.

    • 07/19/11
      Metal Psalter interview w/ Mat from Castle online now.

    • 07/16/11
      Interview with Doommantia here.